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Why No Wheels For My Truck?

Posted on September 6, 2017

We are in the business of helping our customers find just the right wheels for their vehicle. But are the wheels you are after just out of stock or are they not made for your vehicle?

Before there were so many vehicle fitments and finishes, wheel companies would plan for upcoming new models. Trying to acquire as much information as was needed to have wheels ready for brand new vehicle models.

Such was the case for the new Colorado/Canyon trucks. One company trying to get a jump on this fitment designed the model they wanted to bring out with a +20mm offset, which was probably OK, but then the truck came with bigger brakes than projected. The wheels they manufactured would not fit!

Because of these un-forecastable situations, manufacturers are taking the stance, especially in lower production models, to just wait until proper measurements can be made. In this case a new bolt pattern coupled with a somewhat specific offset…. AND big brakes!  Also, there are no “crossover” fitments (other trucks that take the same fitment). Three strikes-you’re out… well almost.

Please understand that 8 lugs are first, 6 lug GM/Toyota/Nissan is next then all the rest… 6 lug Ford, 5 lug Jeep, 5 lug RAM. And, not every manufacturer builds wheels for a specific fitment or at the same offsets. Everyone has an opinion…….

Also understand that on these lower volume fitments that if a manufacture decides to cover one of these it will be in one of their most popular designs. Then comes availability. Until recently the wheels we had for the Colorado/Canyon fitment were also very limited in their availability.

This will work itself out eventually. If the market dictates a need for a fitment it will usually come. It is already better than it was.  

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