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Big Brake Questions

Posted on October 4, 2017

It is great you are considering a big brake kit for your vehicle. This is an overlooked option especially where big 4x4 tires are concerned. But, do aftermarket big brake kits effect choices in purchasing custom wheels? YES!

If you have aftermarket big brakes or optional factory big brakes it dramatically effects your “off the shelf” custom wheel choices.

Your factory wheels most likely will not fit either (see example).

Before you buy, regardless of wheel size, you must confirm brake system to wheel clearance before purchasing an aftermarket brake system.

Companies like Brembo, a well-known big brake manufacturer, can provide brake profile templates to verify wheel to brake clearance.

Unfortunately, because we cannot stock every wheel brand, style, size, finish… these templates will have to be forwarded to our wheel manufacturers for them to check clearances.

An option will be custom, one off wheels from manufacturers like American Force, Fuel Forged, Rotiform and many others.

Before you install your brake system, these custom built option take anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks to build!

Also, you will need to factor considerably more budget towards your wheel choice. Two to four times what an out of the box wheel would cost.

Please advise our wheel specialist that you have or are planning on installing aftermarket brakes.

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