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Changing Tire & Wheel Diameter

Posted on November 17, 2017

We are asked every day… “Will my truck, SUV or Jeep ride rough converting from 17”/18” to 20” diameter? On a car, absolutely. On a 5000lb to 10,000lb truck, not really. Smaller SUV’s and Jeep Wranglers… yes.

I stated, “not really” as there are always those that are much more sensitive, but for the other 99% of us…. no.

If you do this…

Or this…

Or this… …

... we highly recommend staying with or downsizing to 17” diameter, as the extra sidewall is necessary for wheel protection.

As previously discussed (see FYI- Rough Ride for Everyone), probably as big a difference in changing from 17”/18” to 20” wheels are the tires available. There are very few plus sized load range C (6 ply) 4x4 tires. For ¾ and 1-ton trucks this is not an issue, but installing 10 or 12 ply rated tires on a lighter 4x4 could affect the ride as much or more than changing diameter.

All current domestic truck brands come with 20” or offer them as an option, even HD models (250, 350, 2500, 3500). Some half ton (150, 1500) 4x4 trucks now offer 22” as an option, such as the 2017 Sierra Denali 1500 4x4 (285/45R22 110H).

Does it affect my load capacity or towing capability? If the tire has the proper load rating and common sense is used, no… It potentially will increase on half tons. Of course, do not exceed the vehicles GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating)!

28" Diameter...

With 4x4’s, it’s more common to go to a larger diameter tire than your factory tire, say 32” to 35”, 37”, 40”. Remember, you will need to re-calibrate your speedometer. Also, be aware your final drive ratio will be decreased.

Typically increasing tire diameter will require some trimming of your fender well and/or spoiler. Offset is a major factor here.

There are many variables and combinations, so please inquire… It’s FREE!




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